Author: Harold Benjamin

Author Interview: They Just Can’t Fit into the Orthodox World

JUL 5 Posted by Literary Titan   Judenrein follows a man with a checkered past who must stop a world changing conspiracy. What was the inspiration for setup to this dystopian thriller? I got the idea for this book when I started to see white supremacists become more vocal and visible in American politics, and face remarkably […]

“Judenrein” posits what might happen if a right-wing conspiracy in the United States – and a cooperative president, came together

Review from Jewish Post and News:

Review: “Incredibly timely, to the point of almost prophetic…”

This dystopian thriller captured my attention from the first chapter and didn’t let go to the last page. The story is fast-paced and will keep you guessing at who can be trusted. The plot is incredibly timely, to the point of almost prophetic, and a reminder that those who “fail to learn from history are […]